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Trek Light Double Hammock

Trek Light Gear

  • 7999

It's not about fitting two people (you can do that too), this is about you. If you're thinking of really relaxing or sleeping in a hammock on a camp trip or even full time at home, the Double is the hammock you're looking for. The key to sleeping in a hammock comfortably is to lie at an angle across it so your body gets flat (just like in your bed at home) - and the Double is specifically designed as a hammock you can sleep in comfortably night after night. (Learn everything you need to know about how to sleep in a hammock)

You can also use the extra room to wrap yourself up on a cold night, or just to lay next to someone special - it's up to you! The hammock conforms to your body so you won't be swallowed up if you're using it alone, but there's always plenty of room for two. 

The Double hammock holds up to 400lbs and only weighs slightly over a pound (20oz) in the pouch. When packed, it's scarcely bigger or heavier than the Single hammock and provides you with the extra room you're looking for.


Hanging Kit No
Weighs 20oz
Length 10ft
Width 6.5ft
Max Weight 400lbs
Sleep Comfort Scale BEST
Water Resistant & Quick Dry YES
Breathable? Extremely

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