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Meier Skis

Meier Skis

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Meier Skis are hand made skis right out of Glenwood Springs.

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Using Colorado Forest Products

Why do we use 100% natural wood products (Aspen, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine) harvested from Colorado? These days, it seems the buzzword is “save a tree” or “save the forest”. However, what many people don’t understand is that by managing a forest through scientific and correct silvicultural practices, cutting some trees actually makes the remaining forest healthier. In this time when we are experiencing historic bark beetle epidemics across the West, vast areas of aspen clones dead or dying, and continued record breaking wildfire seasons, good forest management is something people are starting to understand and support again. By using Colorado forest products to build Meier Skis, they are not only providing jobs and helping the local economy, the folks at Meier are making the forest a better place and more sustainable for the future (not to mention building a pretty amazing ski).

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