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Do you have an emerging outdoor company that's based out of Colorado? We'd love to have you join the team! Please email Bo Pitto at

Colorado Original Outdoor Products (COOP) is an alliance of independent outdoor product companies based in Colorado. Together, we represent the most innovative products being developed in the most active state in the country. As small manufacturers, we’ve formed COOP as a way to help one another cross-promote our products and share buyer contact information along with marketing and PR opportunities and space at national tradeshows and regional expos.

You can sign-up and pay directly HERE!

Membership Tiers and Benefits:

Bronze - $120

  • You are an official member of COOP
  • Your company is listed and products are sold on the website
  • You have a network of 30+ companies to reach out to
  • Membership with SIA, OIA and IFTD
  • You can attend all the quarterly meetings with seminars, but must attend at least one during the year
  • Discounts with local service providers (Domoto Brands, Denver Print Company, 3PF Services -3PL warehouse)

Silver - $250

  • Everything included in Bronze Membership
  • You will receive priority with marketing opportunities (shared ad space, and PR opportunities)
  • Eligible to share booth space at regional, consumer facing expos

Gold - $500

  • Everything included in Silver Membership
  • Eligible to share booth space at national and international business facing trade shows including, iCast/IFTD, Summer OR, SIA, Interbike and ISPO (not all are guaranteed)
  • If you cannot attend, your products will be displayed and represented at national and international business facing trade shows