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Hammock Hanging Kit

Trek Light Gear

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Combine our Go Anywhere Rope Kit with our ultralight and versatile carabiners and you've got all you need for your next Trek Light adventure. The entire bundle weighs only 8oz!

This is our best selling hammock hanging kit and gives you an easy way to hang your hammock - Trek Light Gear's specially designed static nylon cord is lightweight and already cut, knotted and ready for you to setup your hammock right out of the pouch.

Many other hammocks on the market have rope that is attached to the hammock itself so you're limited to searching for trees that are an exact distance apart. With Trek Light's unique design, you're given the freedom to setup your hammock between points up to 20ft apart!
  • Includes 2 static nylon cords which are pre-knotted and assembled for you so you can setup your hammock within seconds. No complicated knot tying required!
  • Each cord is ~7 feet long and designed to hold the maximum hammock weight of 400lbs
  • The cords come bundled in a tiny pouch just like our hammocks, so you can take them anywhere with you without taking up unnecessary space or weight in your pack.
  • Also comes with a pair of our ultraight carabiners, just remove the included S-Hooks on your hammock and upgrade to these lighter, stronger and all around better carabiners!


Weighs 8oz
Max Weight 400lbs

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