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Grass Sticks

Grass Sticks

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Grass Sticks is our perfect pole: an eco-friendly material with the lightness and strength of carbon fiber, unparalleled beauty, topped with custom options for any skier. Each Grass Stick is hand sanded and finished with marine grade coating in Steamboat Springs, CO. Our grips are offered in a variety of colors and designed to fit and stick in any hand. We offer a variety of fully interchangeable basket sizes and colors for any snow (or style!) condition.

We're pretty stoked about our Sticks, and you will be too!

Sizing: CUSTOM made to order. Please indicate your size in the notes section of your order, as well as which basket type you want...

  • Tiny Disc - 2" (black only)
  • Medium Basket - 4" (black, white, transparent, blue, green, pink, purple, red)
  • Huge Powder Basket - 4.75" (no pink)

We recommend that you measure the total length of your existing poles (from the top of the handle to bottom of the tip) for ultimate satisfaction. For experienced skiers, pole length is a factor of personal preference (not just height). For example, Andrew, Grass Sticks founder, is 5'11'' and skis a 46'' pole (a 4" difference from the standard size chart!) 

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